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Susan Crews, MS, LMHC, NCC

Susan is a National Certified Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Rehabilitation Counselor and a counselor who has been trained and certified as an EMDR Counselor. She has helped numerous clients with depression, anxiety, PTSD, complex PTSD, dissociative disorder, anger, and substance abuse. She uses client-centered and healing-focused techniques, and she has trained with leading clinical experts in childhood trauma, attachment repair, dissociation, and addictive behaviors.

Susan believes that success in therapy is based on the relationship an individual develops with himself or herself while working with a counselor.  She offers short-term and long-term therapies based on an individual’s need.  Short-term therapy can involve anywhere between 3 and 18 sessions, whereas long-term therapy can involve 24 or more sessions.  Participation in therapy is based on an individual’s needs and desires.

Susan actively collaborates with clients to find practical ways to bring about hope and healing while adhering to clinically proven effective treatments.  She incorporates stress reduction to aids her clients in the healing of attachment wounds, early and present day traumas, depression, and anxiety, in addition to life challenges such as loss and life changes such as divorce. 

A graduate of University of North Texas with more than 10 years’ experience as a counselor specializing in rehabilitation, Susan currently works with a limited number of clients to ensure each receives the appropriate care and attention.  

As a Certified EMDR Counselor, Susan also works with individuals to get past "stuck" points in treatment. EMDR is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, and other professional governing bodies as an effective treatment method, provided it is performed by a properly trained clinician. It has been recognized as a powerful treatment for many emotional difficulties and addiction issues, and it is recommended by trauma experts.  EMDR has also been used to help improve academic, sports, and work performance.  Susan also provides Neurofeedback brain wave training.  Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, medication-free healing therapy for conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, OCD, or insomnia.  During Neurofeedback sessions, you sit in a relaxed setting while watching your brain's activity (represented by moving or changing images) on a computer monitor.  Over time, this feedback conditions your brain to adjust itself to its optimal levels of arousal and focus, freeing you from chronic conditions without dangerous medications or surgery.


Amanda Joa, MA, LMHC

As a trauma therapist, Amanda knows it takes courage to share your private experiences and vulnerabilities with someone new to you—such as a counselor. This understanding informs everything about her practice—in building your working relationship, she seeks to cultivate a safe, healthy space where no matter who you are, you can be your most authentic self, without judgement. One of Amanda's missions is serving those who serve others—she has extensive experience working with military veterans and first responders, and if that’s you, she can help you cultivate the tools you need to navigate the uniquely challenging stressors and traumas of those experiences.

In addition, Amanda's practice is queer- and gender-affirming, ENM-aware, and embraces the experiences of clients with disabilities and BIPOC clients. She specializes in early childhood trauma, attachment injury, sexual violence, military trauma, and gender- and queer-affirming counseling.

Amanda's therapy incorporates evidence-based neuro-counseling techniques that empower you to recognize and correct destructive patterns and retrain your brain to respond to past traumas and current stressors in healthy, constructive ways using neurofeedback, EMDR, & IFS techniques.

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